Saturday, March 31, 2012

Being impractical but retaining value

I recently came to the realization that in my current situation (Unemployed and living with parents) I am almost completely useless to the world at large. I am contributing nothing to the economy other than my consistent alcohol consumption and the regular visits to fast food chains as well, which are hardly positives in my mind.  No I really have made no effort to contribute to society in any way shape or form of late. Also, even when I do eventually rejoin the workforce, I have no interest in doing a job well or climbing the proverbial corporate ladder.  Long story short, nothing really matters to me beyond some close personal relationships, which is what helps me retain value on this place we call earth.

I spend most of my days wasting time on the Internet to be perfectly honest. When I'm not, I'm usually texting, which is part of where my value as a person comes into play.  I consider myself to be a generally cool dude, not bragging I just get the sense that most of my friends enjoy having conversations with me, and vice-verse. People just want to be heard, they want to divulge information to others, and they want the people they care about to be engaged into their life and comment on it.  That's pretty much my specialty.

The biggest thing I like to provide to those I care about is blunt honesty. I don't have time for bullshit, so why should it be present in my closest relationships? It shouldn't, and if you're currently lying to your friends, you don't have a relationship with them.  I'm not saying go and hurt your friends feelings that's stupid, but when someone asks you for relationship advice, life advice, or a what would you do scenario, just be honest. Friends will appreciate it, people that don't probably weren't your friend to begin with.

So I guess my point is we all have some value in society, sometimes it's just not obvious. If you have even one friend who cares about you and needs you around, then you have value. The key is to strive for more, and in my case to strive for practical value.  But procrastination is a bitch, so for now, here I remain, blogging.

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