Sunday, March 18, 2012

Writers block or general malaise?

So I'm a lazy fuck and I know it.  I willingly choose to not better myself nearly every day that I continue to exist, and for that I feel pretty guilty.  After becoming unemployed recently, it has become blatantly obvious that I use most of my free time to watch internet videos, watch netflix, watch tv, drink beer, talk to women, get ignored by women, get told to "stop staring at me" by women.  Anyways, you get the picture, I'm wasting inordinate amounts of time on trivial crap and it is wearing me out.

Tomorrow is March 19th, 2012, but it is also the day I make a full fledged attempt at contributing to society in some way that doesn't involve leaving a comment on someone elses facebook status.  I mean I'm in the 99.4 percentile of ESPN trivia for gods sake! At the current moment apparently 2883 people have less of a life than me, but that number is dwindling every day! Change isn't an option anymore, I've gotten fat now too. I'm officially fat and lazy, which disgusts me to no end. 

So no more of this I say. I'm introducing a little thing I like to call 'structure' to my life. Anyways this is a really boring blog entry and for that I apologize. Call it a public note to self.  Don't worry, this will be part of my structure, to write attempts at funny blog entries every night.

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