Friday, July 5, 2013

"White Guys Only!": Another OK Cupid "treasure" SoKM, 24, Rochester, NY

This girl is the epitome of everything wrong with people. We are a staggeringly low 15% match for each other which makes sense since she seems like the worst person on the site and I'm your friend who you love dearly. Let's get to the profile analysis shall we?

Self Summary:

"I'm Catholic and I go to church every Sunday and I love it. I'm looking for someone who is able to not care that I go to church and believe in God. I'm looking for someone who is Catholic and practices or would be willing to go back. Every organization has their flaws but I stick to what it's about and don't get caught up in the things that shouldn't be happening."

Yeah who wants to get caught up in child molestation, am I right? Don't even get me started on birth control, that is just the devil's work! Stick with me folks, this one gets better(way way worse).

" I'm pretty fun and have a good sense of humor. I'm looking for someone that I am physically attracted to, being in shape, takes care of themselves, and is a happy and awesome person. I'm looking for someone that will compliment my life and not make it harder. More specially, I only date white guys, sorry but that's my preference."

Okay physically attractive blah blah WAIT WHAT JUST WHITE GUYS?? Oh and "more specially" white guys, because Jesus made all God's children white and I want my future husband/person who puts me in my place to be a good ole fashioned Aryan man! Holy shit, dude. Let's keep going with this shit show.

What I’m doing with my life
Running my photography business, working towards other things I want to do with myself before I get too old and busy! :)
May I suggest a lobotomy or perhaps playing inside a garbage bag filled with hornets?
The first things people usually notice about me
Not 100% on this because I never care to ask. I've had people tell me my eyes, how petite I am, my smile, my mad face(when I concentrate I look mad apparently). It depends on the person and what they choose to look at first. 
I bet you look mad because concentrating on trying to read is extremely difficult for someone with severe mental retardation.

"I have switched from main stream music to Christian music and I LOVE it. I also listen to Ellie Goulding, One Republic, Ingrid Michaelson, Imagine Dragons.... I listen to relaxing music."
Mainstream music was okay but ya know too many black people and that made me scared.

The most private thing I’m willing to admit
I eat tubs of butter....

...Haha that would be gross 
Your soul is abhorrent.
You should message me if:
 You're white(if you're not don't email me because you are wasting your own time) and in shape( extra points for big arms) with a good sense of humor :)

It would also help if you believed in God since I'm looking for someone's morals to be aligned with mine or in the same region.

"Extra emphasis on being white! Listen minorities, I have to keep my stupidity pure and can't have any voodoo in my coochie!" As long as you're white and your morals are aligned with the spawn of Satan, she's your dream girl!

If you're on that site feel free to check out her profile and verify I didn't make up this awful, horrible human being: SoKM, 24, Rochester, NY

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