Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Vince Over-analyzes Commercials: Haribo Employees are Dumb as Hell

I watched this dumbass commercial and so so much bothers me about it because I am an insane person and also because it's fucking nonsense. Obviously there's a suspension of disbelief necessary for this asinine garbage aimed at stupid kids who like chewy candy that fucks up their teeth but there's no need for the actors to be as dumb as they are made out to be. It appears these little girls are the brains of the Happy Cola candy product they produce and they've figured out a way to produce enough to supply the entire fucking country which I doubt the general populous is a fan of drinking cola out of tiny wax bottles but whatever they did it and that's pretty amazing. Anyway, the one girl rightfully asks for a raise and dude knows he owes them big time for their work, so what does the other girl ask for? ENOUGH FOR A BAG OF THOSE GARBAGE CANDY COLAS. I mean it's bad enough that a bag of those runs about 2.99 at most is besides the point, SHE FUCKING WORKS THERE SHE CAN HAVE ALL THE TOOTH ROTTING SUGAR WAX TREATS SHE WANTS GAAHHHH KIDS ARE SO STUPID CHILD LABOR SHOULD BE OKAY AGAIN.

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