Monday, August 17, 2015

Vince Reviews Movies (Without Details or Spoilers): Trainwreck

So I saw this movie last night. I was excited to see it because I think Bill Hader is funny and Amy Schumer can be funny and sports people are in it too so that appealed to the sports part of me.

Anyway the movie started by being not that funny. Amy Schumer wasn't very funny. Bill Hader hadn't appeared yet, so I was worried it wouldn't be funny.

Jon Glaser and Vanessa Bayer appeared as coworkers of Amy's character. They were very funny. I remember I texted my friend at this point to say "hey Jon Glaser is in this movie!" because I was pretty ecstatic about it.

Bill Hader appears and he is funny. Think he had some joke lines in there that I can't remember off hand, but trust me when you see him you'll also feel like you're getting the full Bill Hader experience.

Lebron James appears in the movie as well. Now some of you may think "well he's not that funny" but I'm here to tell you that him and other sports person WWE wrestler John Cena are actually very funny. You think because they're athletes that they can't also be funny, but by being not funny in sports they actually mask the ability to make you laugh in a movie like this one. Lebron James will make you laugh in this movie unless you're a jerk.

Amy Schumer also got better and her jokes got funnier. This was good.

There are some other funny parts in the movie but I'd rather you go to the movie and watch it. There's a pretty funny part where this one famous guy you probably know says a pretty funny remark and most of the theatre laughed but I may have gotten it on a deeper level than the rest based on my sports knowledge, See if you can spot that part, if you can, let me know and I'll tell you if yeah it was the part I was thinking too.

I give this movie two thumbs up because why not life is short enjoy movies.

Vince Louis

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