Saturday, August 22, 2015

Vince Reviews Movies (Without Details or Spoilers): Straight Outta Compton

So I was pretty excited to see this movie and let me tell you, it was terrific. I think if I had to use one word to describe this movie it would be "terrific."

Right from the start they introduce the members of the famous rap group N.W.A. as their early selves. Eazy E (Spoiler Alert: His name is Eric Wright in real life. Sorry I know I said no spoilers my bad no more of that) is a great character. He is the leader from the start even though Dr. Dre (Nobody calls him doctor in the movie for a while though. Sorry I spoiled that too my bad again) is the talented DJ of the crew. Ice Cube is cool, don't wanna spoil anything about him but I learned some stuff about him, so you might too.

Paul Giamatti plays their manager Jerry Heller. He's usually pretty good, and in this movie, he was pretty good again. Some other rappers show up too but like I said no spoilers so you'll just have to go and see it to find out. I'll tell you that you will be like "oh him I know him" to the friend you have next to you in the theater. If you go alone it's cool you'll have a good moment with yourself.

The music in the movie is N.W.A. music so it's good. If you don't like their music I wouldn't recommend the movie. I'd recommend another movie that's probably got music you like in it.

In the end it gets sad but I can't tell you why but if you know N.W.A. you know someone dies. My bad if you didn't know anyone died. Most movies have a death or two it shouldn't be a big deal to you in my opinion.

Anyway two thumbs up, good movie to see if you like good movies and good rap music.


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