Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Stop hating on shitty kids already!

What an outrage! Kids teasing a heavy set older woman, what monsters! What is wrong with those kids, and where are their parents?! They should be suspended, beaten, kicked off the bus, and excommunicated from the country!

Just a few things said during today's uproar over "Busgate".  So what is the issue at hand here really? Are kids really shittier than they were 10 years ago? I doubt it. I remember middle school, not great times for me whatsoever.  I was picked on for my voice, for my glasses, for dressing like a dork, and for being quiet (Funny how when I talked I was made fun of, and if I didn't I was STILL picked on). I dealt with it, hated the people that did it to me, and went on with my life.

Oh yeah, and along the way, I did my share of picking on others too, because, I was a shit kid too when it comes down to it. We all were. If there was someone below you on the social totem pole, guess what, they were your punching bag.

And yes, this extended beyond the confines of students. Lunch monitors got it on a daily basis. They were almost always older, obviously just working a part time job to supplement their Social Security to make ends meat. I know this now. But then? They were old losers who had nothing better to do than yell at me for talking too loud in study hall. I was quiet as I said, but I had friends that were bold enough to tell them these awful things to their face. It wasn't right, but did I laugh? Yes. Because I was a dumbass kid, and insulting teachers and any adult really was the height of hilarity.

Did those people deserve to have insults hurled at them from kids? Absolutely not. Did they expect restitution for what they endured while working? I'd assume not. They handled it professionally, and I truly do feel that kids cross the line a lot, but like I said, they're dumb, they're extraordinarily insecure in many cases, and most of all they're trying to impress their friends, which is the ultimate goal of anyone under the age of 17.

So put down your torches for a second and stop and think about the fact that you're ostracizing a bunch of kids for being shitty, when you know damn well you did plenty of things you probably regret to this day.  I feel bad for the woman, but I've heard they've raised over 50K for her so far so I'm pretty sure she'll be just fine.

P.S. If anybody wants to come make me cry and record it and put it on YouTube so I can get a bunch of charitable donations, just let me know the time and the place and I will be ready to make that money!

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