Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Best of Twitter 8/15-8/21

Very funny week in Twitterverse (That's a thing, trust me) Here's my top 10 (Yes I'm ranking them now, what would praise be without creating insecurity in folks? Exactly) Enjoy!

1. @_DanFisher Todd Akin: "It's clear that I misspoke, what I meant to say was, it's not rape cause a man has needs, and women are here to please us y'all"

2. @0ddfellow If you and your spouse have a joint Facebook account named JoeandMegan Smitherson then i'm sorry but you can't use the Internet anymore.

3. @vaguelyfunnydan A fun prank is to put dog shit in a paper bag then set someone's home on fire.

4. @ChaseMit Dead people can't hear you saying "Rest In Peace" so remind them frequently while they're still here.

5. @MaronzioVance Crimson Tide, Enemy Of The State, Beverly Hills Cop 2, and True Romance. My favorite Tony Scott films. I have no favorite Tyler Perry films

6. @beck_cellent It doesnt matter how broke i am...dropping my metrocard into garbage water is a deal breaker. Enjoy that singleride homelesspersonwhotweets

7. @JamesAshbery I'm very proud of myself for not watching TV in three weeks. Also, please send money so I can turn my electric back on.

8. @JeffPorper Augusta is proud to admit first two women today. Expects club house to be spotless by sundown.

9. @3x1minus1 Why does the band Train even exist?

10. @PAYNENDASSCMDY All the jobs I ever received where from recommendation from my white friends. All the bj's I received where because of bad white parents.

So there's this week's best, it will be seen by literally over 10 people! Talk about exposure right?!

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