Sunday, January 1, 2012

God arguments with dad

My dad texts me with some pretty hilarious stuff.  The other night he was in "Jesus Mode" and texting me about proverbs and whatnot, then like minutes later he's telling me how Family Guy Star Wars is the funniest thing ever.  Nice to know me and my dad have similar Friday nights but still if my dad wants to get high and read the bible while simultaneously watching family guy on adult swim I don't think he needs to inform me of that fact. 

This brings me to the next day when he texts me that he loves Jared Allen (football player) because he said "Thank you Jesus" after the game.  Now as old as my dad is getting, he somehow has gone in reverse on cynicism and is really like a puppy.  I think he even believes in Santa, he's happy like all the time.  But my dad gives me this idea like when people say they love Jesus in public that's a way to say we suck and we know it. I called bullshit because maybe that's what he thinks, but he doesn't know what anyone else is thinking when they say it.  He doesn't know Jared Allen thinks that, it's impossible. We can't read minds people. So believe what you believe, but don't praise unknown people.  They're on television, it's pretend.  Will Ferrell is not a cool guy (So I've heard). But god damnit that dude plays a great anchorman.

In summation, Jesus is getting way too much damn credit that's all the fuck I'm saying.

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