Saturday, November 26, 2011

Brick where'd you get a grenade?

I love stereotypes.  I don't judge people solely based on them, but I find it is very accurate in certain cases.  We can all pretend to subscribe to the notion of judging a book by its cover, but the truth of the matter is we see a Mexican janitor and we're not thinking "that guy probably mows through a lot of Dostoevsky", no, we're thinking "that guy probably mows a mean lawn".  Racist? Yeah probably, but it's just something we deal with on a daily basis.  The same way we typically think people look smarter when they wear glasses, and as far as I know my intelligence does not magically increase when I throw on my cheap spectacles, although they should work on a way to make that happen immediately. 

This brings me to the customer base of a haircut chain called Lady Jane's.  I had the "pleasure" of watching people go in and out of that place for a solid 4 hours (I work next door to their place) and boy, it didn't do a lot to dismiss the notion that every person that goes there has major insecurity issues and is in desperate need of a strong woman in their life.  I totally get the idea of having a cute girl cut my hair, I imagine it is a way better experience than an old man whose hair cutting skills are diminishing by the week, and what with the Penn St and Syracuse business, I'm pretty sure I have to look for another place to get my hair cut. 

But it's the way their commercials sell sex as literally the only reason to go there.  It's basically a horny guidos wet dream.  Which really makes me wonder why nobody has come up with a strip club hair salon.  We already cater to the lowest common denominator in every way i.e. Jeff Dunham, Cable Guy, Adam Sandler movies, fox cartoons, GOP candidates), so why not just go the extra mile and show some boobs to these sad souls with nothing more to live for.  I'm ok with it as long as it keeps them away from me and the reality I live in.  But no guy in the commercials, your place is not "Wicked Awesome". Go to hell.

Here's the video I see every time I see those guys

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