Friday, November 18, 2011

No that's not a crackhead, that's a tree.

Today I put in my 2 weeks notice at my employer.  I gave them a three sentence explanation.  I said was leaving the 25th, and thanks for the opportunity.  Here's what I would have loved to say to them if I had the balls to make it outrageously awkward over the last 5 days I work there...

Hey Pricks,

I'm leaving in T-minus 5 days, just enough time to realize what an idiotic mistake you made making me full time and not bothering to bump up my pay even a marginal amount to appease me.  More Souls Crushed, More Days Ruined, that's the power of the (Insert retail hell hole).

Yours truly,


Video of the Day
Drew Magary quote of the day
"Last Friday Night (TGIF)," by Katy Perry. And I can't believe this song hasn't been the subject of a fierce backlash from Jezebel commenters yet. "There's a stranger in my bed"? "Think we kissed but I forgot"? "It's a blacked out blur, but I'm pretty sure it ruled"? My God, young woman! Don't you see that you are perpetuating the typical patriarchal superiorist fantasy of a submissive drunken woman? That wasn't a menage-a-trois you had. That was a manage-a-RAPE. Little girls are gonna hear that song and think it's okay to repeatedly get drunk and have your party dress ripped. YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF.

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