Wednesday, December 7, 2011

God is a drunken sailor and we're all doomed

Listen guys, I really don't understand Foursquare.  I'm on it, I "check in", and I participate, but I have no legitimate reason why I do it other than to be a part of another technological, not advance, no way I use the word advance when talking about a network dedicated to telling other people where I am.  Nobody could possibly care where I am other than my mother, and she is the LAST person I want to know where I am in most cases.  So someone really needs to explain the benefit of being a part of it, other than getting 20% off my purchase of $10 or more at Pellegrinos, which would be cool if they had free wifi and if I was ever there with another person that would put our total over $10. 

Oh and by the way, my IPod is cracked. People have asked me how it happened numerous times, as if there is some kind of wild story behind it.  Well inquisitive sir or madam, it was pure insanity, you'll never believe this please sit down before reading these next three words: I dropped it.  Yeah I know, unbelievable right? I dropped my Ipod that has a glass screen as you may or may never know, and it cracked from the impact with the floor of a bar after falling out of my pocket.  So now you know, if you see someone with an IPod with a cracked screen, you don't have to ask what happened!  Unless it's someone who plays me in Words with Friends, then which they may have stomped it repeatedly out of sheer frustration.

I'm going to start putting Top 5s on here, I'll take suggestions too so comment or tell me via text or facebook! Here's my 1st one, Top 5 living comedians as my opinion states...

1. Daniel Tosh
2. Louis CK
3. David Cross
4. David Chappelle
5. Patton Oswalt

The Christmas Shoes song as told by #5 Patton Oswalt


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