Friday, December 23, 2011

Twitter is crack, and I'm a fiend.

Hi I'm Vince, and I'm addicted to Twitter, Facebook, texting, blogging, check in in to various businesses for no sane reason, and generally being socially retarded with those I'm not comfortable being myself around.  It's a pretty shitty thing to be constantly choosing to patronize businesses based on their available wifi, especially being a grown man who makes poor real life decisions on a whim but has deep internal conflict about going to a restaurant where I can't immediately "check in".  Why am I like this? Well the likely and easy answer is I'm a completely fucked in the head individual who makes trivial decisions the bane of my existence so to avoid dealing with my current life situation, which is oh so unsavory.  Quite honestly that may be the answer, and I'm totally okay with that.  Because if I am crazy, which is something I pretty much aspire to be, I feel at least my craziness is devoid of narcissism or sociopathic qualities. 

I know that I say things on all these social media sites that essentially go out to hundreds of strangers, but it's the content of what I'm saying that I like to think makes me different than the countless people that provide personal updates on things that literally only they could care about.  Maybe my tweets and updates aren't funny or profound every time, but my goal isn't to pander to idiots with "relatable" bullshit that means nothing to anybody! I'm trying to entertain, and that's all there is to it.  If you see a status or tweet you consider to be trivial and dumb such as such gems like "What a blessed day" or "It's snowing!", just settle down, and be quelled with the knowledge that clearly my account has been hijacked by a porn peddling robot. I won't ever back down, and if you follow someone who needs to be reminded that you don't give a fuck about their family, their shitty day, their worthless life that they're pushing on your innocent eyes, give me their handle, I'll lay into them free of charge, hell I get off on it. Cheers to putting complete strangers in their place! Now let's all get wasted and tweet about it!

Oh by the way check out this guy Matt Fulchiron (@thefullcharge on twitter, he's funny trust me)

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