Friday, December 9, 2011

Texting, eating, drinking (soda)...oh and driving.

You ever have like a brush with death and you get that super panicked feeling inside for just a moment? It's the moment where apparently your life is supposed to flash before your eyes and you're supposed to thank a higher power that you didn't get T-Boned by an 18 wheeler if you weren't aware.  Either that is just another bullshit creation of the media or I have a weird response to my mortality.  I swear every time I have those brushes with the grim reaper I just find myself being extraordinarily annoyed by the way dangerous situation that has happened upon me. 

I swear I hit black ice last year and spun around on the expressway and all the while I was doing 360s with my 99 Ford Taurus I was just thinking "Shit, really? Black ice takes me out? How fucking lame" Then I came to rest and I was fine but still I don't remember feeling any terror or fear.

I'm not saying that because I'm tough because I'm not I'm actually a major pussy in typical situations where fear is an expected human emotion.  I just don't want to die in a stupid way is that too much to ask? Another thing is I'm me and if you know me then you're going to make assumptions what caused me to careen into a concrete median. 

Honestly guys if I go out while I'm driving, it's going to be an embarrassing story that involves an unnecessary text, Mcdonalds fries, and possibly reaching for my Ipod that fell on the passenger seat floor so I can change the song from the shitty Sara Bareilles song I downloaded (Paid for) to the even shittier Selena Gomez song I downloaded (Illegally).

Decided I'll do a weekly Top 5 because I am not so surprisingly lazy.

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