Thursday, December 1, 2011

In defense of Stevie Johnson and "Excessive Celebration"

Listen I get it Bills fans.  Stevie Johnson dropped a couple TD passes he probably should've caught, and for that he is a god damn poose.  But I'd like to send a nice healthy dog turd to anyone who is upset by his end zone antics.  I mean besides the fact that the NFL chooses to penalize and fine players for enjoying their moment in the sun, like some sort of fucking military boot camp where smiles are verboten, and that forced their retarded ass kicker to miss the fucking ball and knock it out of bounds like some sort of half assed on sides kick attempt.  Besides THAT, what is every one's problem with a guy having some fun at someone else's expense? Does Plaxico really not have a sense of humor about the dumbest thing a pro athlete has ever done since Nate Newton was caught with 500 pounds of weed TWICE? Seriously?

Even better than that is the completely misguided and retarded outrage about him crashing into the ground like a plane.  Because that was definitely his intention, I bet that's exactly what went through his head because deep down, Stevie Johnson is a god damned terrorist!  But people apparently failed to realize or just chose to be willfully ignorant to, is the fact that they were playing the Jets.  As in "Jet Plane", as in he was crashing into the ground like the football team the Jets' season was crashing into the ground? Get it? But no we have people in the media who like to sit around and be offended by every attempt at humor and condemn all acts of "look at me!".  Give me a break and go to China if you want everyone to fall in line and obey orders and do their job.  Steve Johnson is a funny guy with a comical inability to catch clutch passes, and that is the end of the story.  Now if next time he scores he has 2 lineman stand next to each other as he crashes into them, maybe I'll re-examine my stance. Until then, let them have some fucking fun!

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