Friday, December 16, 2011

We're all full of shit

Every day we go out into the world and pretend to be something we have no interest in being.  We have bullshit conversations with people we mostly have no interest in talking to and do our bullshit job, and let's be perfectly honest most if not all jobs are bullshit in some way.  I'm not even speaking out of bitterness, I sincerely don't think I'd enjoy any job out there that consumed time that I could be spending with friends, family, accomplishing goals, bettering myself, etc.

Work is pointless.

That's not entirely true, work in and of itself isn't pointless, but most work is done in vain.  We'd all rather be doing something else with our time than spending it working towards nothing.  I work towards nothing.  I wouldn't even call what I do work, it's more like biding time until I can leave and do things I want to do.  But I accept that I'm different, most would call me lazy, I just consider myself of a different mindset than most.  If life is short as the saying goes, and we could go at anytime, why do insist on wasting time at jobs? I mean we obviously have to pay bills and all that fun stuff but if anything we should be severely limiting the amount of work we have to do and focusing on enjoying life far more.  But some people work more than they even have to, saving in 401k, Always saving for retirement, and to that I say what the fuck?

You mean you want me to toil away for 50+ years so that when I'm old and tired I can do nothing? I wanna do nothing now damn it! Screw living life when I'm old, I can't wait that long I'm impatient and I'm in the prime of my life!  Oh and yes I know that when I get to that age I won't think like this but who cares? I'm not excited for tomorrow, I'm excited for right now, typing this!  So excuse me if I want to go out and enjoy every night I possibly can, and spend my money now, and completely disregard my retirement which I have no intention of ever reaching.  This is America, and I plan on living a free life as long as possible, and when I run out of money, you'll find me on a street corner with a sign that says "I lived already, what the fuck are you doing? Also I need money for beer".  Oh and also our educational system is a load of shit. The end.

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