Thursday, December 29, 2011

Shopping for a portable CD player in 2011

"I feel so old!" That phrase sound familiar? That's because you've probably said it several times a week regardless of what age you are right now, unless you're a kid under 13 and you have no awareness of what the fuck is happening around you whatsoever enjoy it while it lasts! We all say it because in that very moment we're doing something or being a part of something that helps us realize our advancing age and deteriorating abilities across the board. It's a form of self deprecation we all kinda mockingly say, usually around someone older than us, that helps us relate to people on a basic human level. We're all aging, we all know it, and we all like to throw that fact into small talk as if we're reminding each other of how things used to be way better when we were kids.

I had that feeling old moment today while looking for a portable CD player. Here's the deal, I drive a Ford Taurus w a tape deck, I live in a house with no boombox(another relic), the computer disc drive doesn't work, and all other options like the DVD player seem patently ridiculous to listen to a CD.  There's more to the reason I was in the market for such a outdated piece of technology but really nobody cares so I'll get to the point.  I was in Target, and having no luck finding this antique necessity, I asked an employee, who directed me to a section where there were devices that played CDs, but none so that could be deemed portable.  So I was slightly annoyed, but really what am I going to do? Go home and complain that Target doesn't carry a larger line of a product nobody gives a shit about anymore? So that's the part where I say to myself the quote up there about being old, because nothing says "getting older" like being the guy looking for a typewriter at Best Buy. But for me I don't care, and it lets me know I'm a part of the real world where spending $10 on a basic music player is the norm and having a Smart phone with every song ever isn't a tangible option at the moment.

So we're all getting older, it sucks, and eventually you're going to be that poor bastard just trying to listen to their Now 27 CD. But it's cool people, I'm there with ya!

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